Bark Avenue Daycamp believes in the Fromm brand because of their high-quality ingredients and their dedication to ensuring production is done in a clean environment with only the freshest ingredients. Fromm was founded in 1904 and is family owned and operated even to this day. That’s 114 years! Here are a few facts about Fromm dog food we want to share with you:

  • Fromm owns and operates two facilities located in Wisconsin.
  • In addition to Fromm’s owner being a chemical engineer, the company works closely with nutritionist, biochemists, veterinarians, and food production engineers to develop the best holistic recipes for dogs.
  • None of the ingredients Fromm uses originate from China.
  • Only natural preservatives are used in Fromm products, no artificial or synthetic preservatives are ever used.
  • Fresh high-quality meat, produce, eggs and real Wisconsin cheese is delivered directly to the manufacturing plants.
  • Fromm is rated above-average dog food.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics are added to all dry foods.
  • Sources state improvements of dog’s coats, digestive health, and energy levels when being fed Fromm products.
  • Fromm food is available for various life stages from puppies to seniors. They also offer specialty foods for weight management, large and small breed formulas, grain-free and limited ingredient selections.

If there’s a specific Fromm product you’d like us to order, be sure to let our front desk know or call us at 630-289-8470.



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