As dog boarders, Bark Avenue’s goal is to make each dog owner feel 100% comfortable leaving their beloved pet in our hands while they are away.

About Dog Boarding at Bark Avenue

Dog boarding at Bark Avenue allows your dog to be busy playing and socializing in our daycamp, which makes for a restful sleep come nightfall. We want to be your dog’s home away from home and our staff to become part of their extended family.

As elite dog boarders serving areas of Illinois such as St. Charles, Elgin, Schaumberg, and Hoffman Estates, Bark Avenue wants each owner to be 100% comfortable leaving their beloved pet in our hands while they are away. While dog boarding is no easy decision, we want to be your dog’s home away from home. Whether you need to board for an overnight stay, a weekend, a holiday, or an extended period of time, we’ve got you covered. Dogs being boarded at Bark Avenue will be allowed to play in daycamp during operating hours and will only be in their individual kennels when they are eating or sleeping.

When dog boarding at Bark Avenue, keeping your furry family member happy and safe is our #1 priority. We take pride in treating each dog as if they’re one of our own and providing a safe and social environment. Our staff at Bark Avenue are trained to administer first aid if needed, as well as being trained in dog behavior and handling all breeds, from the smallest to the largest.

We offer dog boarding 365 days a year to take care of your dog or puppy while you are away. Although our front desk is closed on major holidays, we are always fully staffed for dog boarding. What this means for you is that even on a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving, your dog will not be kept in a kennel all day. For our boarding dogs, these holidays are no different than any other day – full of lots of playtime and fun.


We want to ensure that every dog is healthy and require the following vaccinations:

Distemper    |    Fecal Screening    |    Bordetella    |    Rabies

Whether you live in St. Charles, Elgin, Schaumberg, or Hoffman Estates, our dog boarders are ready to take in your dog or puppy for a staycation at Bark Avenue where they are sure to make new fur friends. Call us to set up a FREE assessment by appointment. (630) 289-8470

New Dog Boarding Assessment Forms

Dog Boarding Prices

Pricing is per dog and per night. Pricing is subject to change.

1-5 Nights $58
6+ Nights $54
Holiday Rate
(night of Holiday only)
$10 Extra


Are there specific drop-off and pick-up times?

We strongly recommend dropping your dog off as early as possible during our open lobby hours. This helps ensure they have plenty of time to play and are ready for a restful evening come bedtime.

Monday – Friday: Drop off between 6:30am and 10:00am or 12:00pm to 1pm. *Our lobby is CLOSED from 10:00am-12pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm Monday-Friday for all drop offs & pick ups.

Saturday – Drop off between 8:00am – 3:00pm

Sunday – Drop off between 9:00am – 12:00pm

What do I need to bring for my dog?

Prior to boarding, owners will be encouraged to give us a detailed schedule for their dog so the staff at Bark Avenue can maintain a routine your dog is already accustomed to (i.e. eating twice a day, treats, medication).


  • Food & Treats: Pre-measure and pre-bag your dog’s food/treats in individual bags for each meal, including two additional days, just in case. If you forget food, we do provide in-house food at $4 per cup. We have a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave to accommodate any special dietary needs. There are never any extra fees for feedings or administering medications.
  • Bedding: We want your dog to feel as comfortable as they are when they’re home. We will provide all blankets and bedding free of charge. Please leave your furry family member’s bedding at home. (Tip: if your dog has separation anxiety, feel free to bring a t-shirt with your scent and we will place this in your dog’s kennel)
  • Toys: If there are special toys or bones your dog can’t do without, feel free to bring them. Our only request is to leave the squeaky toys at home as it may prevent the dogs from a restful sleep and can be distracting to our fellow boarders. Toys and bones are not allowed in the daycamp and will be kept in your dog’s individual kennel.
What does my dog do in daycamp?

Your dog will enjoy a full day of 8+ hours of play with their fur’ends, exercise, and socialize in our daycamp. Our staff loves to spoil your dog with hugs, tummy rubs and ear scratchings. Every camper is bound to have a tail waggin’ good time. For their safety, dogs are separated into supervised playgroups depending on their size and playstyle. There is also plenty of time for naps and breaks should your dog need them.

Can my dog get groomed before they come home?

Absolutely! Our groomers have over 35+ experience grooming dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Please ask us to book your dog for grooming at the same time you book your dog’s boarding reservations.

Can my dogs sleep together?

Of course, if they can be fed together, they can board together. We have larger runs for multiple dog families.

How long is my dog in a kennel during the day?

The only time your dog is in their kennel is for feedings, naps/break and bed time. For the remainder of the time, your dog is out playing in our daycamp. During nap/break time, our boarders are given a chance to have a quiet place to rest for some much-needed downtime. If your dog is having lunch, they will be fed at the beginning of naptime so they have a longer period to digest their food and rest before they begin to play again. While our campers and boarders are resting, the staff is thoroughly cleaning the indoor and outdoor daycamp areas to ensure all is sanitized and ready for playtime in the afternoon.

Can my dog get training before they come home?

Most certainly! Whether your furry family member is here for daycamp or boarding, our trainers can brush up on their basic obedience and introduce new skills. There are many options available based on what you and your dog’s training needs are. Please call us at (630) 289-8470 to discuss options.

How can I check on my dog?

We encourage you to call, text, e-mail or send us a Facebook message to check in on your dog.

Do you take care of dogs that require medication or have special needs?

Absolutely! Your dog’s health and safety is our top priority. If there are any medications, please bring them in and let us know what to do. Our staff is experienced in administering medications/injections and caring for a variety of special needs dogs.

Are there late fees?

Any boarding dog that is not picked up by 1pm will be charged $8/hour ($10/hour for 2 dogs) as a prorated daycamp fee until the time your dog is picked up. If the boarding stay needs to be extended, there is no fee to do so.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that plans change. We do ask that you contact us 48 hours prior to your reservation to cancel. If your reservation encompasses a holiday, we ask that you contact us 72 hours prior to your reservation.

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