Dog or Puppy Training Additional Services

Dog and puppy obedience training is provided while your dog or puppy attends daycamp at Bark Avenue. Our dog training staff provide a safe environment, and professional and experienced dog and puppy training. You can count on us to help you achieve the best possible experience.

Doggie Daycamp Intro

Cost: $120 + cost of daycamp

Each dog and puppy has their own personality and level of self-confidence, just like their human counterparts. For many dogs and puppies, their initial assessment for daycare is a breeze and they adjust to the pack fairly easily. However, for some, that initial experience can be a little overwhelming. Just because your dog’s first reaction to pack life is to be dominant, shy, or scared does not mean they are not a good fit for our doggie daycare. It means we need to give them a little assistance learning to be confident in our environment. During a Doggie Daycamp Intro, one of our dog trainers will take your dog or puppy into our daycare and stay right with them (think bodyguard) and teach them how to socialize successfully with the rest of the dogs. Once the trainer feels your dog or puppy is ready to be on their own, they will finish their day of doggie daycare as usual. Whether you live in St. Charles, Elgin, Schaumberg or Hoffman Estates, you will find that Bark Avenue Daycamp provides all of your dog training needs.

Play & Train

Cost: $50 + cost of daycamp

For dogs and puppies who have a specific basic obedience issue that needs to be addressed (i.e. come when called, stay, etc.), our Play and Train is the perfect solution. In this program, your dog or puppy will attend doggie daycare like usual and one of our dog trainers will pull them out for a 30-minute session to work with them on the issue/command you are struggling with. The dog trainer will provide a write-up for the owner so that when you pick your dog or puppy up from doggie daycare you will know how the dog training session went. Please know that these are short sessions and are not intended to teach basic obedience commands for the first time nor to address behavioral issues.

Trainer Guided Doggie Daycamp

Cost:  $39 for half-day (includes daycamp)
           $60 for full day (includes daycamp)

If your dog or puppy has previously been a part of our doggie daycare intros, play & trains, or needs assistance after their assessment, this program will allow your dog or puppy to be worked in a guided pack with other dogs to address socialization issues that are overseen by our certified dog trainers.

Note: Dog Training dates are scheduled in advance for the following days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Dog Training Camp

Cost:  $600 – 5 Pack + 1 private lesson
           $1,150 – 10 Pack + 2 private lessons
           $2,100 – 20 Pack + 3 private lessons

Bark Avenue’s Training Camp is designed for clients who want their dog to learn all the basic obedience commands and manners. This is a great option for dogs who have been or will be approved to take part in our daycamp program. Adding on daily training to your dog’s day can bring the structure and learning opportunity that is difficult and time-consuming to do at home. Each of your dog’s training camp sessions will last approximately 1 ½ hours and lead by each of our trainers on various days. Depending on the package you choose, you will meet with your dog’s lead trainer during your private lesson(s) to teach you what your dog has learned and how to maintain their achievements and continue with success.

Requirements: Assessment is required if dog is not currently in daycamp. 

Note: Dog Training Camp does not include the price of daycamp. All training dates are scheduled in advance.


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