At Bark Avenue Daycamp, a dog daycare facility in Bartlett, IL, something truly heartwarming happens behind the scenes – the dedicated staff often become more than just caretakers; they make connections with the furry guests in their care. The compassionate bond formed between the dogs and the doggie daycare team is evident in the stories of staff members opening their hearts and homes to adoptive four-legged companions. It’s a testament to the genuine love and commitment that these professionals have for the well-being of the animals entrusted to them. The decision to adopt a dog not only speaks volumes about the staff’s passion for their work but also reinforces the notion that every dog deserves a loving forever home. It’s a beautiful aspect of the doggie daycare experience that goes beyond the daily routines and showcases the profound connections that can develop between humans and canines.

In August 2023, Michelle Sarwas, Owner and President of Bark Avenue Daycamp, shared with Marissa, Bark Avenue Daycamp’s General Manager, an opportunity to provide a loving home for a 1-year-old pit bull in need. The owners were relocating, leaving their beloved pups without a place to go. The moment I laid eyes on the adorable pictures of the pit bull, now named Tito (formerly Dexter), I knew he had to join our family. Convincing my other half to welcome Tito was a breeze after meeting him; his affectionate nature won us over.
Shortly before bringing Tito home, I received a call from the previous owners, expressing a similar situation with their other dog, Diesel (formerly known as Peanut). The initial placement with another family hadn’t worked out, and Diesel needed a new home. Without hesitation, I reached out to Michelle, confident that Diesel would find a loving family quickly the second our Bark Avenue Daycamp staff saw her. Fortunately, my cousin Isabella stepped forward, eager to provide Diesel with a forever home.
Both Tito and Diesel have become a source of immense joy in our lives. What makes it even better is that they have the opportunity to reunite regularly.

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