Grooming your dog is an essential part of caring for your dog to look their best, but it’s also important for their overall health and well-being. Even if your dog doesn’t look too shabby, there are benefits from grooming that may not immediately be obvious to you. Taking your dog to a professional groomer comes with more than just having your dog looking and smelling good.



Introducing your dog to a groomer at an early age helps build a relationship between your furry family member and the groomer, making it much easier as they grow. Having your dog visit the groomer is a great way to socialize your dog with another person and begin building trust to help them feel comfortable with being handled and the tools required during grooming.


Our groomers perform a health check on every dog who comes in. This includes their eyes, ears, skin, teeth, ears, nails and bottom. The health check helps our groomers be aware of any conditions when grooming. Regular grooming visits also help in early detection of potential concerns or warning signs that may need to be brought to your attention.


Bathing and brushing your dog is something that feels wonderful to most dogs, similar to a nice massage. Brushing removes dead hair, stimulates new growth, and brings natural oils to their skin. Also, it helps prevent tangles and matting on longer coats, which if not brushed regularly can cause discomfort and be painful to your dog as matting pulls on their skin and coat. Removing dirt and dandruff from your dog’s coat will make them feel more comfortable, prevent matting, and replenish their skin and coat.


One of the biggest and overlooked part of taking care of dogs is nail trimming. Long nails are unhealthy and uncomfortable for your dog because they can force your dog to change their gait, causing them to begin walking on the sides of their feet. This is not only painful, but it causes bone deformations and arthritis if not properly attended to. Regular nail trims can reinforce healthy foot posture, reduce the risk of injuries and prevent long-term damage. Plus, who doesn’t like a paw’dicure?!


Dogs need their ears cleaned regularly, especially for breeds that are more susceptible to ear infections. Common in long-coated dogs, they often need to have hair in their ears plucked. Keeping the inside of your dog’s ears clean and odor-free help prevent ear infections, ear mites and other ailments. Not to mention, it will help your dog feel more comfortable.