When vacation time begins to approach, if you are not able to travel with your pet, absence from our furry family members can be difficult and you may begin to feel guilty. To avoid stress on both parts, there are a few things you can do to emotionally prepare your dog for time apart.

Your Dog is Not Alone

Whether you are dog boarding with us at Bark Avenue or with a pet sitter, remember they are not alone. Allowing your dog to spend time with other people and dogs on a regular basis will help them feel more comfortable. Remember, most dogs are very social and enjoy being around others. The more time they spend with those who will be taking care of them, the easier it will be for them to be separated from you. As you prepare to go on vacation, plan to bring your pup in for dog daycare before leaving them at the dog boarding kennels while you are away. This will help them get acclimated to the environment and get more comfortable for their longer stay.

Spend Quality Time Together

Spending extra time with your dog and giving them special attention can help both of you. Our dogs love getting attention from the people they love the most, you! Spending one-on-one quality time together goes a long way and makes them feel loved. Take them for an extra walk, cuddle on the couch, or do an activity they love like some fun dog enrichment brain games.

Special Surprises

Toys are a great way to keep a dog occupied. Therefore, by buying your dog a few new toys before you leave on vacation, you’ll be giving him something to do that will keep his mind off missing you. Additionally, you can help your dog bond with their sitter by encouraging them to use the new toys to play with your dog.

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Soon

When it’s time to leave, don’t draw out the long goodbyes and make it a huge ordeal. Keep it simple. Dogs can often pick up on our emotions. If you’re feeling anxious, they’ll feel the same. By keeping a calm and comfortable demeanor, your dog will act and feel the same.

Whether you live in Elgin, Streamwood, St. Charles, Czzsarol Stream, or near Bartlett, IL, and are looking for dog boarding kennels, our team of dog-loving staff is ready to care for your dog like our own and be their home away from home while you are away. Dog boarding at Bark Avenue allows your dog to be busy playing and socializing in our daycamp, which makes for a restful sleep come nightfall. Call us at (630) 289-8470 or contact us online to book your dog or puppy for dog boarding with us at Bark Avenue Daycamp.