Halloween can be a great time for kids and families. But for dogs, it can be very stressful. Let’s make sure this year’s holiday is a safe and stress free night for your family and furry family member.

1. Don’t feed your dog candy, especially NO chocolate.

Chocolate can be very dangerous, even lethal, for dogs. Learn more about chocolate poisoning in dogs here. Halloween candy that includes even small amounts of xylitol can be very dangerous for dogs as well. Place it safe and only feed your dog their dog treats; your best bet is to make sure to keep all candy away from your dog.

2. Keep your dog away from the front door.

Open door. Shut door. Open Door. Halloween is a night when you will be constantly opening and closing the door. This can be frightening and stressful for your dog, who may try to escape out the front door. Put your dog away in their crate or away from the door to reduce stress and prevent them from getting out. Even better, let them have a sleep over at Bark Avenue Daycamp, a door bell-free facility since 2007!

3. Take a walk with your dog.

Reduce your dog’s stress by taking them on a brisk walk before all the trick-or-treaters come out. If you decide to take them trick-or-treating, make sure your dog is well socialized and will enjoy the time with the family.

4. Don’t let your dog have access to lit pumpkins.

Eliminate the risk of burns by protecting your pet from candles used in jack-o-lanterns or other Halloween decorations.

5. Keep electric and battery-powered Halloween decorations away from your dog.

While better than candles, electric and battery-powered decorations can still pose a risk to your dog. Batteries can cause chemical burns when chewed open or cause gastrointestinal distress. Shards of glass or plastic are especially dangerous if swallowed. As always, make sure your dog doesn’t have access to chew on electrical cords.

6. Make sure your dog has on proper identification.

A collar with ID tags, name and your cell phone number as well as a microchip will help your fur baby be returned if they become lost. Use Halloween as a yearly reminder to check that your name, phone number and address are correct on their ID.

7. Don’t leave your pet outside on Halloween.

Pranksters have been known to tease, steal or injure dogs on Halloween. Make sure your dog is safe and sound inside with you.