1.) While wrapping gifts, be sure that ribbon and sharp objects are out of reach from your pets.

2.) Don’t leave your pet alone in the room with lit candles 🕯, a decorated tree or potpourri.

3.) While entertaining guests, keep people-food out of the reach of your pet, and ask your guests to do the same, especially those containing chocolate, xylitol, grapes/raisins, onions or other toxic foods.

4.) Keep holiday plants (especially holly, mistletoe and lillies) out of reach of pets.

5.) Secure your Christmas tree to keep it from falling over if your dog bumps it.

6.) While entertaining guests in your home, provide a safe place where your fur-baby can escape the excitement (such as a kennel or crate). If your pet is nervous or scared, consider putting your pet in another room with some toys and a comfortable bed.