Whether you live in Bartlett, Hoffman Estates, St. Charles, Elgin, or Schaumburg, Bark Avenue Daycamp is the top choice when searching for dog trainers near me or dog care near me. Not only are we here for you for your dog training, dog daycare, dog grooming, and kennel boarding needs, but we also enjoy sharing fun facts about various dog and puppy-related topics. In February, being that it is the Super Bowl, it also means there will be the Puppy Bowl. We have some fun facts and trivia to share with you as we prepare to watch this entertaining and awareness-raising event!

The 2023 Puppy Bowl will feature 122 dogs from 67 shelters and 34 states
You can watch it on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at 1:00 pm CST on Animal Planet, and it will be streaming simultaneously on Discovery+.

The History of How Puppy Bowl Started

The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet was designed to counter-program the Super Bowl competing with the biggest event in American sports.

“It was a joke: How do you counter the Super Bowl? Let’s put a box of puppies up there and call it a day. It’s not worth trying to go against the Super Bowl” – Former Animal Planet Vice President of Program Development David Doyle told Rolling Stone in 2014.

What is the Goal of the Puppy Bowl

The goal of the Puppy Bowl is to raise awareness about pet adoption from shelters. All the puppies who participate in the Puppy Bowl are adoptable and they provide their viewers adorable entertainment. It’s a win-win!

Fun Facts & Trivia about the Puppy Bowl

Selection process – In order to be eligible for Puppy Bowl, puppies must be between 12 and 21 weeks old, vaccinated, and socialized. They also must meet height and weight requirements to fit in the puppy-sized “stadium”.

Game day – While the Super Bowl is played live, the Puppy Bowl is recorded a few months earlier in October. It takes two full days to film because they are trying to showcase as many puppies as possible, rotating them in and out, and giving all the puppies as many chances as they can on the field. The footage is then later edited for major game highlights, Team Ruff vs. Team Fluff.

Safety first – Every year, it’s always ‘safety first’ during filming. Every 30 minutes, puppies are given a break from the lights and the 21 cameras that cover the action. A veterinarian is also on hand, together with representatives of the Humane Society and each of the shelters whose dogs have been chosen to enter the Puppy Bowl field.

Peanut Butter – According to the Washington Post, peanut butter is the secret weapon to get the cooperation of all the puppies. Wiping peanut butter on a camera gives the viewers a first-person view of getting smothered with puppy kisses. Peanut butter placed inside toys is also a great motivator.

Cheerleaders – Different animals serve as “cheerleaders” for the event. Beginning in 2010, other cute critters have appeared on the sidelines to cheer on the participants in the Puppy Bowl. Cheerleaders have included chickens, piglets, hedgehogs, penguins, dwarf goats, baby porcupines, rabbits, guinea pigs, bunnies, and a squad of ducklings.

Puppy penalties – Puppies can be called for penalties including “pass inter-fur-ence,” “unnecessary ruffness,” and “premature watering of the field.” If a dog commits any of the aforementioned fouls, the puppy will be replaced by another team player on the sidelines.

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