At Bark Avenue Daycamp, we make dogs feel right at home. We don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach to dog care. You're free to customize your dog's experience with us however you'd like. Are you planning a vacation soon and need boarding, but have a shy dog? Schedule some part time daycamp time first to get your dog accustomed to our surroundings before it's extended stay. And while you're at it, go ahead and request solo play time and specialized training. Hey, why not throw in a luxurious grooming session for your pets last day at Bark Avenue so you come back to a sweet smelling pet. On the other hand, say you're not planning a vacation, but you've got a dog that is bored and has separation anxiety while you're at work. You could sign up for training classes and enroll your little handful in daycamp to keep him/her socially and mentally stimulated throughout the day. It's your choice! Big or small, shy or playful, young or Bark Avenue Daycamp we treat all pups like they're our own!

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          Saturdays   9:00am - 5:00pm        

Full day of daycare $20 OR $35 for 2 dogs

 Sundays   12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying:

I would recommend Bark Avenue to anyone with a dog. They go way above and beyond ensuring that your dog is happy and healthy while boarding. They encourage you to call as often as you like for your peace of mind and I love that the customer service here is awesome. My dog plays all day every day while he boards here (at least once per month) and the tour they gave me when I first came showed me how clean and friendly this place is.


Ginger, our Boxer, loves Bark Avenue Daycamp. She is very friendly and is always happy in the car on the way there. Upon pulling into the parking lot, she cannot wait to get out of the car and get inside to see her friends there. The staff has been wonderful and extremely knowledgeable on how to take care of and introduce new dogs as they arrive. Ginger is our pride and joy and we would never let her go anywhere that we felt would not be good to her.

The Bishea Family

If you’re looking for a place that your dog will feel is home. Then this is the place for you. My dog Homer is treated so well and loved so much he cannot wait to get there! Thank you to all of you who take the time and caring to make our Homer feel safe and loved, he gets so excited to come and play with all his friends. Four legged and two legged!!

Susie Henning Kuta

Special shout out to Bark Avenue Daycamp for helping our little April learn to socialize with other dogs. When we first got her she was aggressive toward other dogs and could barely handle a walk around the block without wanting to charge at another dog. She is now doing great and only needs little corrections here and there. BIG THANK YOU! Life is A LOT LESS stressful!

Tee Lipp

Bark Avenue is a godsend. Our dog just completed his 4th extended stay. They are caring and attentive and Guinness always looks forward to going there. This time, at 10 years old, was a bigger worry but as always, we came back to a happy, healthy and very well taken care of, dog! Thank you all and thank you Jessica, for the photos. They really helped the time pass, knowing he was in good hands.

Carol Butera-Voitl

Hi Everybody!

My name is Monty, I am a 7 year old rescued Australian Shepherd with a tail!!! YAY! My parents rescued me when I was 8 weeks old in July of 2008. Many of you may have seen me walking on the bike path with my Mom and our neighbor “Deeg”.

Since I am a herding dog, and we don’t have any cows or sheep in our back yard, I need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, (or I guess I drive my parents NUTS??) So,…. I get to go to Bark Avenue Day Camp three days a week (my parents call it “school”… I call it “FUN”!!) I have been going there since I was 6 months old, and have SOOO many friends there. The humans are AWESOME, and my fellow doggies are my BEST friends!!

The things I love about Doggie Daycare are…. I can play with whomever I want (WooHoo!), but, NOBODY can be a bully or they get scolded, we have a pool and sprinklers for outside in the summer, or we can stay inside where it’s shaded, my parents say it’s affordable (whatever that means?), our play area is HUGE, we ALWAYS have fresh water and “clean” floors, and EVERYBODY loves it there,!!

Come check it out and be my new friend! I LOVE new friends!!

Monty Krieter

My three dogs Buddy, Maximus, & Dexter loveeeeeee bark avenue! The staff is extremely kind not only to us, but to our dogs! They love our boys like they are their own, & I love that the staff can remember who they are when they come in. I always feel comfortable leaving my boys with Bark Avenue! Oh & they post pictures!!! That just proves they aren’t afraid to show what their “play area” looks like. Always clean, & looks like our boys have so much fun every time!

Rachel Christine Geick

I am Carolyn Mossberger, Executive Director of the West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove. We use the services of the Bark Avenue trainer regularly and have for quite some time. We have 100% trust and confidence in his abilities. He is flexible and works just as well with people as he does with the dogs, which is a rare find. We have worked with other local trainers and have not had positive results. It’s well worth the 45 minute drive to use a trainer that we know will give us results. As a non profit organization, we need to be mindful of every dollar we spend. When we utilize the services of Bark Avenue Daycamp, we are confident that our money is being well spent. Dogs from shelters have unknown backgrounds and sometimes come with baggage. This trainer has successfully rehabilitated our shelter dogs with issues such as fear, food aggression, other dog aggression, leash aggression and basic bad manners. We have such complete confidence in the trainer, several of our staff members have used him to train their own dogs. I highly recommend the trainer and services at Bark Avenue Daycamp.

Carolyn Mossberger, Executive Director of the West Suburban Humane Society

They are terrific. The trainer is practically genius. I worked with him for only an hour and he was able to teach me much better ways to control my dog. The staff is wonderful and the facilities are amazing and clean. My dog has such a great time that he doesn’t want to come home! I trust them implicitly. He spends 12-15 hours with them a week and I wouldn’t send him there if I didn’t trust them and think he was having a great time!

Carol Biang

I highly recommend Bark Avenue Daycamp. It’s a wonderful facility with a great staff. Our “high energy” 1 year old Lab, Sadie, has been going for eight months. She started taring with their excellent trainer. Now she continues with three days a week at daycamp. Sadie enjoys the interaction with other dogs and the exercise daycamp provides. We’ve also been pleased with the boarding and grooming they provide. In our book, Bark Avenue rates 5 stars!

Jack and Roxanne Shultz

I brought my dog Sasha for a two week board and train….I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I was with the service and care she received. She was dog aggressive and I was very concerned about her being around other dogs. They assured me she would be fine…

After two days a video of her was posted showing her romping and playing with other dogs….amazing!

The staff was kind and patient with me……I called almost daily to check on her progress. They were polite and positive. They even made sure she was groomed before I picked her up.

The socialization that Bark Avenue DayCamp provides is excellent. I bring Sasha there once a week to continue her socialization and training. I trust them with her, and strongly recommend their services.

Carol B.

I would highly recommend Bark Avenue for both training and boarding. Several months ago my husband and I adopted a shelter dog who is very sweet, but can be aggressive toward me. Without Bark Avenue’s help over the last few months we would not have been able to handle our dog. They critically assessed our dog’s behavior and my reactions. They have taught me to correct my dog’s behavior humanely and effectively. I can say, without doubt, that the staff at Bark Avenue has handled my dog appropriately.

My dog recently spent the weekend at Bark Avenue, and I feel completely comfortable leaving my baby there. My dog loves the play-time he gets at Bark Avenue, and he always comes back to me a very happy and healthy dog. The staff at Bark Avenue Daycamp clearly cares a lot for the dogs they work with, and my dog loves everyone there. In fact, he happily wags his tail and can’t wait to greet them when we arrive at obedience training each week.

Ashley B.