Remember elementary school, when you would hand out valentines to all the kids in your class?

The first Valentine’s cards were sent in the 18th century. Initially these were handmade efforts, love-notes, often with a few lines of poetry and decorated with flowers and hearts. In the early 19th-century advances in printing and manufacturing, enabled the mass production of Valentine’s cards, and the implementation of standardized postage rates and postage stamps in the mid 1800’s meant a person could mail a card or letter for as little as a penny.

In 1913, Hallmark produced their first Valentine’s card, representing a key development in the commercialization of Valentine’s Day.  Following World War II, elementary schools encouraged kids to give and receive valentines from their fellow students, and card manufacturers gladly produced packaged sets of twenty or thirty valentines (including one special card for the teacher).

We’re not in elementary school anymore but you can still send a smile to someone special with one of these vintage dog-themed Valentine’s Day cards. Simply download these images, and send them to your sweetheart via text, or email. And for those who like the old-school method, print them out and slip them in your special someone’s locker.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🐶💘