During the summer months, your dog has become accustomed to a lot of daily human interaction. And now that your family will be away for most of the day, your dog may become bored, lonely, or anxious. This unspent energy often leads to poor, destructive behavior. Follow these tips to prepare your pet for the transition back to new routines. And Bark Avenue is always here for you with different kennel boarding options and doggie day camp, where you can always add on dog training during their stay.

Getting back into a routine is important for your dog’s training

What can you do? Drop off your dog at Bark Avenue before school or work for a day of doggie day camp. Dogs will get lots of exercise, social time, human attention, and canine interaction. Your dog will return home happy, healthier, and ready for a nap!

Join a weekly group dog training obedience class

If your dog’s separation anxiety is more than you can handle you may consider dog training. Try enrolling them in one of our obedience classes or dog and puppy private lessons.
Enrolling your dog in obedience classes:

  • Strengthens known obedience commands for reliability.
  • Helps them learn new helpful control obedience commands.
  • Addresses unwanted typical behavior issues.

How do you know if doggie day camp is right for you?

Doggie day camp may be a good option if your dog is home all day while you’re at work, and you return home to a dog that is ready to play when you get home. Maybe your dog chewed another shoe while you were away. You may want to consider a doggie daycare program for these reasons:

  • To keep your dog from unwanted behaviors like chewing or barking.
  • To give your dog more exercise and engagement.
  • To socialize your dog with other dogs.
  • To give yourself peace of mind knowing your pet is in a safe, fun place

Our doggie day camp offers add-on “tutor” sessions where your dog will receive exercise, socialization, and training all in one day. You can also add dog grooming to their day while they are here for kennel boarding or doggie day camp.

It’s back-to-school time and back to regular schedules. Don’t forget to sign up your fur kid for their appointments too… Daycamp, dog grooming, dog training, and kennel boarding appointments are available.

Whether you live in Bartlett, Hoffman Estates, St Charles, Elgin, or Schaumburg, call us at (630) 289-8470 to learn more about the services we offer at Bark Avenue Daycamp.