Dogs are part of our family, but taking great photos can be tricky because dogs like to run, wiggle and squirm. Here are 5 tips to help create beautiful and priceless moments of our furry family members.

  1. Get Down on Your Dog’s Level – Just by changing the angle and getting down on your dog’s level will add variety in your pictures. The various camera angles will allow you to focus on different parts of your dog, bringing out more realistic and detailed shots – eyes, wet snouts, full body shots.
  2. Good Light – Lighting is key in taking great pictures. Turn off the flash and use natural sunlight when you’re outside, late afternoon or early morning can be most flattering, or shaded areas on a bright day. Avoid direct sunlight if possible to present exposure issues and a lot of shadows.
  3. Backgrounds – Keep your backgrounds simple and natural that will make your dog stand out. Having a background that is too busy and cluttered will add distractions and take away from your subject. Simplicity goes a long way.
  4. Make It Fun – Your dog may not understand why you’re trying to get him to sit still for a few minutes…remember to make it fun with treats and continuous praise. Have fun, try making weird noises to grab their attention and get some questionable looks that may prompt them to turn their heads slightly. Grabbing on of their favorite toys can create a priceless picture as you capture their look of anticipation.
  5. Don’t Wait for the Perfect Pose – Be in the moment; don’t wait for the perfect pose. Capture what’s happening in the moment and what they do naturally. Maybe your dog is playing with other dogs, sleeping in their favorite bed, lounging on the couch with family, playing with the children or running around with a toy in their mouth. Taking time to observe their natural behavior is a great way to capture your dog’s personality.