At Bark Avenue Daycamp, we understand the importance of keeping all of our clients safe, whether they are with us for dog daycare, dog boarding, dog training, or puppy training. One way that we can do that is by ensuring each client is protected from diseases and infections that are easily spread and can be prevented through vaccination.

Preventing Disease vs. Having to Treat Disease

It’s always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Vaccinations are critical to not only the health of humans but also our dogs and puppies who are with us for dog daycare. They help stimulate the body to produce protection against various viral and bacterial diseases and infections. The purpose of vaccines is to help the body become aware of the tools it needs to fight a diseased pathogen. Vaccinations also help to prevent your dog from spreading infections that can be passed to other animals and pose a risk to humans.

Some vaccination programs for puppies can begin around eight weeks old. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin protecting your dog if they’re older – get them started as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the effects of vaccinations wear off with time. The shots administered to your furry family members may not be useful as they age. After some time, your dog needs to repeat vaccines. It helps to bolster their immune systems further for another period.

Vaccinations reduce the amount of cost of care needed. For example, if your dog contracts rabies, treating it would be quite expensive. The risks of foregoing vaccinations are far-reaching. When a disease becomes present, it may be too severe. Treatments will vary based on the infectious strain, disease, and health of your dog. Even worse, your dog could die. But even if the pet beats the disease, animals that are frequently unwell have shorter life spans. By allowing your pet to have regular shots, you can rest easy knowing they are protected from many possible diseases and elongate their life span.

Are Vaccines Safe?

No medication is without risk, but the benefits of vaccinating your dog outweigh the risks. Most likely vaccination complications include tissue swelling around the injection site, and mild signs of illness such as a fever, lethargy, and soreness. The likelihood of a dangerous reaction is low, whereas the chances of your dog developing a life-threatening disease can be much higher.

According to Understanding Animal Research, “The weight of scientific evidence points to the fact that vaccinations are safe and effective at preventing many potentially deadly diseases. Experts agree that the widespread use of vaccinations within the last century has prevented death and disease in millions of animals. Many illnesses used to be common but now are rarely seen by vets, thanks to vaccinations.”

If your pet is sensitive to vaccines, ask your vet about a titer test which is simple bloodwork to determine your pet’s need for continued vaccination. A titer test measures the level of antibodies against a particular disease in a sample of blood, providing evidence that an animal has antibodies against a disease, which can determine if your pet is protected from that disease.

why-is-it-important-to-vaccinate-your-pet-dog-daycare-near-meWhat Vaccines Does My Dog Need?

Your vet can tell you what type of vaccine your dog needs. There are two types: core and non-core vaccinations. Core Vaccinations are the kind that are critical for all dogs. They are “core” due to the severity of the disease, risk exposure, and the chances of passing them to humans (ie. Rabies). Vaccinating against these diseases protects both your dog and your family. Other core vaccines protect against distemper, parvovirus, Bordetella, influenza, and canine hepatitis. The non-core vaccines are issued based on your dog’s health, lifestyle, and geographical location. Your vet may suggest them to you when you take your dog for their regular checkups.

What Vaccinations Does Bark Avenue Require?

At Bark Avenue, we want to ensure that every dog is healthy therefore, we require the following vaccinations:

  • Distemper
  • Fecal Screening
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies

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