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As much as we love to get our furry little friends outdoors to play, run and romp to their heart’s content, sometimes that isn’t always an available option. While the Postal Service might do their best to overcome the rain, sleet and snow – our canine company may not be up for that, willing or not. Paws can get frostbitten or rain can chill past the protection of fur, so there will definitely be times when it’ll be best to stay indoors.

Even though outside may not be an option, that doesn’t mean your dog (and you) still can’t have a good time and get a little exercise in the process. Be it a toy or otherwise, there are definitely plenty of exercises and activities that’ll allow your dog to burn some calories and get worn out in the process without risking extended time in the elements:


Sure, you could throw the ball back and forth with your furbaby, but you may not necessarily be able to keep it up for the amount of time they want to play. Perhaps you have a shoulder injury. That’s where the iFetch comes into the picture. Working with standard miniature size tennis balls (about 1.5” in diameter), there’s no reason why Fido can’t fetch until the cows come home. It’s basically like a mini tennis ball launcher and while it won’t propel your dog to Wimbleton, it’ll definite win their attention to retrieve a ball or two.

Treadmill Walk

It may sound odd at first, though if you can pull it off, your pet could get away with putting a pedometer on their collar. Yes, while the rain may pour and snow may fall, you can still get your dog some much needed time moving their legs along a treadmill bound path. Sure, there aren’t any interesting smells or sights for them, but it is definitely better than nothing. Remember, they’re lapping every single dog that’s catching zzz’s on the couch.

Stair Climbing

There are few things that’ll get the blood flowing like a few trips up and down the stairs at home. I bet you’ll get winded after less than 5 trips and Rex will be more than happy to be chasing you the entire time. He may even go on without you after some huffing, puffing and catching your breath!

Laser Pointer

No, it isn’t just for cats! Depending on the size, demeanor and attention span of your canine companion, a laser pointer might be exactly what you need to get your buddy on the move. Having done this with our Chorky, Monty, it doesn’t only mess with your dog’s mind, but will definitely get them riled up and running.

Social Outing

Weather doesn’t mean you’re confined to the house. On more than one occasion, we’ve taken pets with on errands so they get outside the house and have the opportunity for some socialization. Be it a pet store or otherwise, there is always a chance to get your furry friend out, even if they’re just riding shotgun. Doesn’t matter if it’s a leash, stroller or papoose – pets need as much socialization as person, maybe more so – so if you can, bring them along!

These are only a few things that can be done to get your dog on the move indoors when the weather isn’t exactly warm, balmy and sunny. But remember, like humans, dogs can get bored and have their own cabin fever if cooped up for too long. Keep your dog’s mind stimulated, their body fit and they’ll be ready to be back outside once the sun returns.

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