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It’s been said that a rose by any other name would just as sweet. While there’s some truth to that, you wouldn’t be in such a rush to pick them. So it should come as common sense that picking a dog’s name is just as an important as the initial decision of adding a new furry member to your family.

Many of us have decided on a name before we have even brought the dog home. There have been those who named their dogs after famous celebrities, Transformers, family members, noteworthy historical figures, Norse/Roman/Greek or other gods. Well, you get the picture.

Then there have been those who have no idea what to name their dogs. These are typically the animals who end up with oddly obscure titles or names that fit into some kitschy convention, like having them all start with a certain letter of the alphabet. Not that I’m pointing fingers in any particular direction.

A helpful suggestion would to spend a few days with your pet to get to know their personality. Pick a name that is one or two syllables and easy recognizable for your dog. After all, they’ll associate that sound with themselves and you don’t want something too difficult to verbally belt out in a pinch.

The name Milo may be easier to shout across the room than Maxamillion. Kiki may be easier than Queenie Camille the Fourth. And Odin is way easier to callout than most names, because let’s be honest, the name Odin is – and I say this as a completely unbiased figure in the discussion – awesome.

Oh and for those of you with a new puppy unsure of what to name them up until now, you’re welcome.

Keep in mind you want to pick a name that doesn’t sound too similar to other pets in the home to prevent any confusion. You may also want to be cautious of choosing a name that sounds like a command; Fay sounds similar to stay, Kit sounds familiar to sit, Ray to stay and so on. Though I like the name Ray for a dog, sounds like someone owes him money (or bones).

Bottom paw, when it comes to naming your newest fur-baby, exercise some common sense. You don’t have the be as stringent as you would be with, say, a human child. Yet, naming your Chihuahua Hansel, Lord of the Six Kingdoms and Devourer of Cheesecakes may be a bit verbose when Han might cover that particular base. Besides, with a name like Han, you’ll get plenty of jokes about who shot first and never being told the odds.

Happy naming!

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