Why You Should Consider Dog Daycare

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It’s no coincidence that doggie daycare gives off that strikingly similar vibe to dropping the kids off with their babysitter or at school. You see them off before heading onward to work, the babies (furry or otherwise) play, socialize, enjoy snack time, rest at naptime and then before you know it, it’s time to get picked up by mom or dad. If they’re lucky, both!

We all need social interactions including our dogs – from the smallest pleasantries to the greater gatherings!

Leaving our pets at home can always be a difficult choice. We may feel guilty leaving our beloved furbabies home all alone with little to no interaction outside of a radio or TV left on. But, reruns of Family Feud can only fill in so much.

There are circumstances where dogs can develop separation anxiety should they be isolated for extended periods of time. Owners may fear circumstances that call for leaving their furry family members. Behavioral problems, destructive behavior or the sheer overwhelming feeling of love for your pet. While there’s rarely a need to harbor anxiety of your own, it’s perfectly understandable.

Bringing your dog to daycare is immensely beneficial to our dogs and pet parents. You can drop off your pet guilt free, supervised in a safe environment and confident in the knowledge you are actualizing your dog’s social, developmental and emotional needs. Having your dog in daycare allows them to progressively build social skills and canine confidence of their own when interacting with their four-legged friends.

It’s especially a place where their stress level can decrease because they don’t feel neglected while substantially decreasing the potential of harboring behavioral issues that can stunt their emotional and social growth. There’s stimulation all day long from the time they’re dropped off for a day of camp until mom or dad come and get them! The dogs are consistently getting that physical attention and activity they crave throughout the course of the day, which makes it all the easier for those parents who have worked a long day at the office and don’t have enough energy to exercise their dog in the evening.

It’s a win-win when everyone can put their feet (or paws) up to rest after a long, stimulating day!

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