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Treats are an excellent solution when we want to reward our pets or simply show them that we love them more than anything else in the whole wide world. The dog sits, lies down, or follows any other command they happen to be given, that is definitely worth their fair share of praise. However, when you reach for the treats one too many times, there’s a chance that your dog can feel the negative effects.

First and foremost is monitoring treat intake so as to prevent unparalleled weight gain. It’s all too easy, especially for smaller dogs that may not be as mobile or have the ability to be outside that much to pack on the pounds.

One minute your cute, svelte Muffins is well within her medically prescribed weight as far as the veterinarian is concerned. Yet one treat too many and next thing you know you’re heading to the ER for a hernia from trying to give Muffins a cuddle after a long day at work.

Yes, we don’t want to make a stink for you or Muffins, but too many treats is bad news. They need to be balanced out with an appropriate amount of physical exertion so your furry friend is burning as much, if not more, calories than you – in all your wisdom as a responsible owner – is giving them. Reward when you like, but there is a difference between a simple treat and a buffet of desserts.

Celebrate your dog without stuffing them.

Because let’s be honest, not all dogs have ironclad stomachs like we’d like to believe they do. Sure, you’ve seen the movie where the dog is chewing on the chicken bones or license plate – and these make for great fiction – but too many treats can ruin your day, and carpet, faster than you can say, “the runs.”

While this certainly isn’t the case for all dogs – you as the owner will be the best judge and your mileage may definitely vary – though more often than not, one too many treats is all that it takes to turn even the most steadfast pup into an unbridled pooping machine.

And as an owner currently training two puppies using treats, it’s easy to attest that preventing over-utilization is difficult, yet best kept in mind. That is, unless you have a pumpkin patch out back or don’t mind boiling up chicken and rice alongside your own dinner.

So the next time you reach for that bag of treats, of any variety, remember if you’ve given, or will be giving, your dog a fair amount of exercise that day. If so, then bone appetite. If not, then it doesn’t hurt to put them through their paces. It’s okay for them to earn that treat. It’ll keep them from getting stuck in the agility tunnel, help them maintain a healthy weight and prevent unpleasant dietary surprises from erupting at the most inopportune times.

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