5 Ways to Keep Your Furry Friends Wagging Their Tails

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We all want to see our pets happily wagging their tails, playing to their heart’s content and being the best dogs they can possibly be. Well, with a bit of advice following these steps, it shouldn’t be too ruff to make that happen!

1. Manage That Energy: Just like us humans, each and every dog will have varying energy levels that they need to expend in a healthy and productive way throughout the course of the day. Whether it is as simple as a few rounds of fetch in the backyard, an early morning walk or an evening jog, being aware of your pet’s energy levels and ensuring they find a productive outlet for that energy each day will keep them fit and happy.

2. Dry Bed, Wet Bowl: Few things go such a long way to making a dog happy than a cushy place to rest their tails after a long day playing. Be sure their bedding is clean, soft and, given the sensitivity of some breeds to temperature, a way to wrap up or burrow in a blanket if need be. Also, while it’s easy to forget, be sure to check and double-check whether their water dish has been freshened recently. You’d send a drink back too if it was full of hair and dust, right?

3. Play Daily, Then Play Some More: Dogs are social animals that thrive in a pack environment. As such, they love interacting, socializing and playing with fellow members of their pack. That’s where you come in, fellow human. Fetch, tug of war or simply vigorous petting can be enough to scratch that playing itch for your pet, especially if they’ve been waiting for you to come home all day. Be sure to play often and then play some more, Fido will thank you!

4. Weighty Matters: While an extra pound or two on a beloved Husky or Great Dane may not seem like much, it can be a far slide for a Yorky or Chihuahua. Regardless of the breed, weight is something you always want to keep an eye on. Packing on that Winter weight can eventually lead to heart troubles, skeletal issues, diabetes and low energy. Half the battle is exercise, the other half is a proper, well-balanced diet.

5. Vetting the Vet: No one exactly gets excited to see the doctor, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid the vet. An annual visit at the very least will allow your pet to have a physical, get their teeth examined and ensure that any potential health concerns are addressed as early as possible. Your pet should be comfortable visiting the vet and be treated with patience and compassion. You should always keep an updated record of all vaccines as well as the phone number to the vet will all applicable emergency numbers.

Responsibility is a large part of being a pet owner, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun, enjoyable experience. Following a few simple steps will lead to a more rewarding experience for you, your family and your dog for many years to come.

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