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For any dog, getting groomed can be a very stressful event. At Bark Avenue Daycamp, we try to eliminate as much of that stress as possible. When your dog is groomed by our very experienced groomers they will enjoy one on one attention the entire time. There is no long waiting for their turn to get  bathed, no cage drying, no long waiting to be picked up, in fact, there is no long waiting for anything.

At Bark Avenue our goal is to make grooming a pleasant experience for both you and your dog. Our goals is to get your dog into the groomer almost immediately upon drop off.

Their first stop is directly into the tub or onto the grooming table depending what kind of grooming services you have requested. Each dog is bathed individually and then hand blown dry. We take special precautions to keep the noise and air of the dryer out of your dog’s ears because we have yet to find a dog that likes it! We tailor our work to fit your dog’s needs. We groom many large dogs most of whom are nervous to be on a grooming table due to their size. In these cases, we simply work on the floor; it’s important to us that your dog stay stress free and happy.

Planning on having your dog in daycare? Is your pooch boarding with us? Just schedule a grooming appointment while they are already here and pick them up clean and tired.

Our prices are based on the individual breed, so there are too many to list. If you’re interested, please call us for pricing and appointment availability.

Bark Avenue Daycamp in Bartlett provides doggie daycare, boarding, training, and grooming, in Bartlett and in the surrounding Chicago suburbs including Carol Stream, Elgin, Hanover Park, South Elgin, St. Charles, Wayne and Streamwood.

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X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large or Double Coated
 Short Hair $25 $40 $50 $70 $85
 Medium Hair $30 $45 $60 $75 $90
Long Hair $35 $50 $75 $80 $100

Above prices are meant as an estimate and are subject to change.  Final price will be based on breed and condition of coat at the time of grooming.

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Monday-Friday: 6:30am-7pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 9am-2pm

Please note:  our daycare is staffed 365 days a year from 6:30am-8pm so your dog is sure to get plenty of playtime every day of the week.


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