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You’re free to customize your dog’s experience with us however you’d like. Are you planning a vacation soon and need boarding, but have a shy dog? Schedule some part time daycamp time first to get your dog accustomed to our surroundings before it’s extended stay. And while you’re at it, go ahead and request solo play time and specialized training.

Meet Our Team

Owner and President


I have always been a numbers person which is why my first career path was in the finance and leasing industry. Little did I know that pursuing my Master’s degree would lead me to abandon my first career and open Bark Avenue Daycamp…what a hidden blessing that was. I have always loved dogs and I don’t remember life without them. Now I get to spend my days doing both passions, running a business and being surrounded by dogs both at work and at home. My personal dogs love the fringe benefits of having me for their mom!

Fun Fact: “I hate dog hair in my house!”


My two greatest passions in life are teaching and dogs! After graduating at Roosevelt University, I spent a decade working with special needs children. In March of 2015, I began a new adventure where I joined Bark Avenue Daycamp. My mother, Michelle, has taken me under her wing in the family business and since then, we’ve been an amazing team in learning from each other and growing the business. My talents include arts & crafts and brutal organization. Growing up with dogs my entire life, I’m an avid dog lover with four dogs of my own: Mia, Monty, Marley and Moxie.


Fun fact: “I take the ‘R’ and ‘L’ pretty seriously on my headphones.”

Director of Business Continuity & Development

General Manager


Having a love for animals at an early age guided me in knowing I wanted to work in the animal industry. My passion quickly turned into a career working at Bark Avenue Daycamp, allowing me to be surrounded by dogs. My experience in management, dog behavior and client services continue to grow and excel. Aside from work, I love spending time with my pets, family, friends, camping, staying active and eating Italian food.

Fun fact: “Growing up was like living in a zoo, we had dogs, snakes, turtles, bunnies, frogs, birds, fish, squirrels, hamsters and guinea pigs.”



Being surrounded by furry tails and wet noses is my absolute favorite! From an early age I was instilled with a special love for dogs that has only continued to grow. I came to Bark Avenue Daycamp to further develop an understanding of dog behavior and psychology with the aspiration to become a dog trainer. With two dogs of my own, Theia and Chief, whom are siblings, they love coming to work with me. During my free time I get together with friends and enjoy the outdoors with my dogs; camping and hiking.

Fun fact: “One of my most memorable moments was taking a 14-mile hike in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.”

Assistant General Manager

Director of Training


Being raised with animals my whole life I always knew I was going to be involved in some way with pets. I worked for many years at dog daycare facilities where I observed and learned the nature of dog behavior. While attending University of Illinois getting a degree in Animal Science-Pre Veterinarian Studies I realized that training is where my real passion lied. After graduating I immersed myself into an intense dog training school in St. Louis, Missouri earning a certificate as a Professional Dog Trainer. There I learned many different training techniques and types of training including: narcotic detection, personal protection, competitive and non-competitive obedience, Schutzhund training and much more!

I currently have 4 dogs that I train for various competitions so my life is anything but boring!

I believe that every dog has its own personality and learning curve not unlike their human companions. My goal is to preserve their uniqueness and build upon their character while positively teaching skills needed for them to be a source of joy and companionship for you and your family.

My training is not approached with a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. Dogs learn in many different ways, therefore I utilize different techniques and skills. Finding the best way your dog learns not only produces results, but makes it an enjoyable and fun experience for both you and your pup.

Fun fact:  “People often ask if I’m from Minnesota because of how I speak…even though I’ve lived in Illinois all my life.” 

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Monday-Friday:  6:30 am – 7 pm
Saturday:  9am – 5 pm
Sunday:  9 am – 2 pm

Please note:  our daycare is staffed 365 days a year from
6:30 am – 8 pm so your dog is sure to get plenty of playtime every day of the week.


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